Where is Markham Centre?

    Markham Centre is generally bounded by Highway 407 to the south, Rodick Road to the west, Highway 7 to the north, and Kennedy Road to the east.The lands north of Highway 7, including Markham Civic Centre, Flato Markham Theatre, and the residential development within the north-west quadrant of the Highway 7 East and Town Centre Boulevard intersection, are also part of Markham Centre.

    Three small areas were added when the Markham update was started at the end of last year (2019): 1) west to Rodick road, 2) Markham Town Centre Shopping Mall at Warden Avenue and 3) an area that includes Kennedy Commons in the east.

    Two new areas were added by Markham Council in May of this year (2020): an area west of Rodick Road that includes First Markham Place and Smart Centre Woodbine and an area east of Kennedy Road that now is home to a number of car dealerships.

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    What is the Markham Centre Secondary Plan? Why does it need updating?

    The updated Markham Centre Secondary Plan will be an amendment to the City’s 2014 Official Plan. It is a document that will provide specific land use policies and direction for the development of lands within Markham Centre.

    The original Markham Centre Secondary Plan (OPA 21) was approved in 1997. Since then, a number of significant policy changes have occurred (Provincial, Regional and Municipal), infrastructure improvements have advanced, and development projects have been approved, resulting in the need for an updated Secondary Plan.

    The Markham Centre Secondary Plan update will ensure that Markham Centre continues to grow as a complete and connected mixed-use community.

    Why are you asking for my ideas about Markham Centre?

    The City of Markham recognizes the importance of engaging with the community early in the planning process. One of the City's four strategic goals, as outlined in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, is to have an "engaged, diverse, thriving & vibrant City". The intention is to have an inclusive city where every person has a role in building a “livable, caring and interconnected community".

    Your input will help strengthen our current vision and goals for Markham Centre to ensure it is a truly vibrant downtown. Ideas collected during all stages of engagement will inform the preparation of the Markham Centre Secondary Plan.

    How can I participate in this engagement process?

    Over the course of the project, there will be many opportunities to provide input. Dates and locations for upcoming events will be posted on Your Voice Markham and social media. We encourage you to Stay Informed to receive updates on upcoming events!

    You can participate online:
    • Follow the City of Markham on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for project updates.

    • Sign up for Your Voice Markham to participate in online surveys and discussions.

    • Subscribe to stay informed.

    You can participate in-person:
    • Attend the Visioning Workshop or one of our Public Open Houses to share your ideas.

    • Swing by one of our pop-up consultations being held at locations throughout the Centre.

    • Join a focus group being held in partnership with local community organizations.

    How can I stay informed of future updates?

    Register at Your Voice Markham and Subscribe to the Your Markham Centre project.

    Who can I contact if I have questions?

    Please email YourMarkhamCentre@markham.ca if you have any further questions.