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  • Resident Testimonial: Energy Efficient Furnace

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    Image of an energy efficient furnace

    A few years ago I had an energy audit and replaced my home air conditioner and furnace with more energy efficient models. There were rebates for getting more efficient heating and cooling systems and further ongoing savings were made to gas and electricity bills by more efficient electricity and gas use. The initial cost of the audit, over $600, was almost totally reimbursed.


  • Resident Testimonial: Gradual Energy Upgrades

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    supporting image

    Goal: Decrease energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and utility costs

    About the Experience

    Overall, the experience went pretty well. We’ve replaced inefficient equipment with high-efficiency alternatives over several years including our heating and cooling systems, water heater, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and lighting.

    Some of the building envelope improvements include reducing air leakage (weatherstripping, caulking windows, foam inserts in exterior outlets, spray foam gaps between the interior and exterior of the house), increasing attic insulation, passive heating and cooling (window dressings, opening windows, deciduous trees for shade in the summer and reduced wind in the winter), and fans to help circulate air and exhaust warm air in the summer.

    Simple low-cost energy conservation improvements included turning equipment and lights off when not in use, setting back thermostat overnight, hang drying laundry, using the air-dry feature on the dishwasher, low-flow faucets/shower heads, duel-flush toilets, etc. We’ve also improved controls through a smart thermostat, motion sensors, lighting dimmer switches, and timers for washroom exhaust fans. Lastly, we’ve added a solar PV system to our roof that feeds electricity back into the grid.


    The benefits are enormous and include fresher indoor air, more comfortable living environment and room temperatures (less drafts and hot/cold pockets), more options/better control of equipment and remote access to our heating/cooling system, utility bill cost savings, and more.


    There were some challenges along the way. I strongly recommend having a qualified energy advisor complete an energy audit that will recommend improvements with estimated savings and rebates. From there, I’d recommend reading product selection and installation guides (if available), learning the benefits and drawbacks of the high-efficiency technology, always requesting at least 3 supply/install quotes, asking as many questions as you’d like to feel comfortable with the project, and withholding final payment until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

    - Amanda

  • Resident Testimonial: Doors & Insulation

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    “I didn’t realize that a poorly sealed door could cost us so much more in lost energy. Replacing our door with an Energy Star Certified door looks great and saves us money! ” - Lisa

    A properly sealed building envelope saves energy and improves comfort. Gaps in poorly fitted and damages doors allows outside air to get in, and inside air to get out. It can also allow unwanted bugs and small critters to enter the house.