1. What is the City-Wide Parking Study (CWPS)?

    The CWPS was launched to assess existing and future parking needs in the City of Markham as the population continues to grow and the transportation network continues to expand. As part of the CWPS, new Parking Zones will be established to set out location-specific policies and parking requirements. The final report will inform policy directions that will be presented to City Council for approval.

    2. What is a parking zone?

    Parking zones are geographic areas in Markham identified through the CWPS where certain parking policies will apply.

    3. Why are different policies needed for each zone?

    Travel and modal choices vary in Markham based on land use and density, transit service, availability of parking, city urban structure, management of the transportation network, walkability, and bikeability. Therefore, parking needs are unique for different locations in Markham and may require distinctive policies to adequately address parking needs.

    4. What could change as a result of the recommendations of this project?

    The recommendations of this project could lead to significant changes in how parking will be planned and managed within the City. This may include adopting a zone-based Page 5 approach to parking, optimizing on-street parking, improving bicycle and micro-mobility parking, implementing parking management strategies, and more. The goal is to create a more efficient parking system that meets the evolving needs of the community.

    5. How do I get updates on and contribute to the development of this study?

    Public engagement will occur throughout the course of the project. You can visit this website at any time for updates. You may also sign up to receive email communications on project updates by entering your email address here. To provide your input to the study, you will have opportunities to participate in our online poll and Summer pop-up events in 2023.