senTV (Seniors Entertainment Network) - Film/Acting

Artist Names: senTV (Seniors Entertainment Network) - Angela Wong, Arlene Yee, Brenda Ng, Helen Lam, Lily Wong, Marener Ho, Paul Ho, Stephen Ng, Thomas Yee.

Performance Category: Film/Acting

Artist Bio: The Seniors Entertainment Network ( is a web-based broadcasting service dedicated to producing meaningful content that delivers infotainment to keep seniors healthy, safe and active. In October 2019, we received an Ontario Senior Community Grant from Ministry for Seniors and Accessibility. The Grant enables us to create the Senior Entertainment Network (senTV) to train seniors to become film journalists, create content on Seniors' related activities, and broadcast it online. This initiative encourages other seniors to engage in local events as we have been visiting, filming and interviewing at various attractions/events. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to quickly restructure ourselves to keep producing videos and short films while all of us are staying home to abide by the social distancing guidelines. All of us at senTV are committed to continuing the efforts to promote active and healthy lifestyles even while we are apart.

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