The Senthurans - Acting

Artist Name: The Senthurans

Performance Category: Acting

Artist Bio: This creation, Cinder...Really?, by Ahimsan Senthuran, Grade 4, includes Music, Vocal, Dance, Acting, trendy and appealing props for all ages, technology and much more. The joy, compliments and
encouragements from the community (principals, teachers, neighbours, etc) and national/international family and friends merely reflected the appreciation and peace of mind knowing that we can pull through hardships in many beautiful ways. Impressive narrating/story-telling by Ahimsan received many compliments.

The Senthurans: Baby Princess Synthurra Senthuran was 6 months old at the time the play was filmed. She played 5 different roles , Cinderella, Anastasia, Drizella, Stepmother and Fairy Godmother. Her older brothers, Ahimsan (9), Arjuhvan (5), and Akshivan (2), all couldn't resist pampering her in every scene due to her cuteness and how well she cooperated. Arjuhvan (the coach driver, Prince and other dancers), said that his favourite part of this activity was holding and dancing with his baby sister. He was thrilled to play his roles as directed by his elder brother. Akshivan, the DJ Mozart, enjoyed keeping the Princess entertained throughout the filming and enjoyed exploring every scene. Ahimsan, the "Mastermind" (as referred to by his teachers), a French Immersion student, was just thrilled to do something with his family, without even realizing the positive vibes he was going to spread among his classmates, friends, family, etc. Ahimsan created this beautiful submission for a school assignment (Drama class) that received impressive feedback from teachers, principals, friends, neighbors, family and strangers from all over the world. It was applauded broadly due to the creativity, effort and most of all, realizing and leveraging the opportunities during such unprecedented times. At a time when he missed his school life and was supposed to do this play on stage, he appreciated the pros of family time. Most of his classmates submitted this play as an audio narration but Ahimsan decided to create a video as he wanted his baby sister to participate. He came up with the most trendy props and scene creation along with his siblings and parents' support, learnt a new OS MAC, new software iMovie and has set a new standard for his own submissions. He was super exhausted once it was all submitted, especially with the technology. He dedicated a lot of his time over the Victoria Day long weekend and learnt a fortune even during virtual schooling. He received amazing feedback for his narration/storytelling. In fact, he used a musical keyboard, a merry-go-round and a flute to create BGM while narrating. He even played baby-shark live during recording the narration. As a parent, I am very proud of him. We really enjoyed supporting him in many ways, especially on the technology glitches that frustrated him as it's his first time. His teachers were speechless and shared the work with the rest of his class. As a family, we really enjoyed this activity during such stressful times with so many burdens due to COVID19. The parents were just glad to have had the opportunity to see the children create a wonderful keepsake. Mother, Mehala, University of Waterloo grad of 2004, is an IT Architect with Ontario Health, currently on maternity leave. Father, Senthuran Sri, is specialized in Flight Dispatching and currently focuses on his business as a wholesale supplier of Ontario Farm produces across GTA retailers. The family time was simply focused on supporting Ahimsan with whatever help he needed for his assignment without any expectation, but the effort turned out to be a beautiful story. Of course, it was great to have used up many of the baby dresses before the little girl grew out of it (as there was no chance to go out).

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