Why is a new Secondary Plan for Markham Road - Mount Joy needed?

    The City of Markham’s 2014 Official Plan identifies the need for a new Secondary Plan for the Markham Road – Mount Joy local corridor to ensure growth and development contribute to a complete and sustainable community.

    What is a secondary plan?

    A secondary plan builds on the policies in the City’s Official Plan to guide the development or redevelopment of a specific geographic area. It contains more detailed policies than the policies in the Official Plan. and include policies for:

    • how the land will be used, 
    • what transportation types and services would be included, 
    • what municipal servicing (e.g., water and wastewater) are provided to the community and businesses located in the area, 
    • what community services might be provided nearby, as well as
    • considering any specific environmental concerns the area may have.

    What area does the Markham Road - Mount Joy Secondary Plan cover or include?

    The Markham Road – Mount Joy Local Corridor is located in the northeast portion of the City’s urban area. The Secondary Plan area includes lands along both sides of Markham Road from 16th Avenue in the south to Major Mackenzie Drive East in the north, between the Stouffville GO rail line to the east and the westerly limit of properties fronting Markham Road to the west. The study area extends slightly beyond the Secondary Plan area as shown in the map below.

    What is the study process?

    The Study will be carried out in multiple phases, and is currently in Phase 3: Vision, Guiding Principles & Demonstration Plan, as outlined below. 

    Phase 1: Project Kick-off (Fall 2019)

    Phase 2: Background Review & Analysis (Winter 2020 to Spring 2020)

    Phase 3: Vision, Guiding Principles & Demonstration Plan (Spring 2020 to Spring 2021) 

    Phase 4: Community Consultation (Spring 2021) (We are here) 

    Phase 5: Analysis and Recommendations (Spring and Summer 2021)

    Phase 6: Final Study Report (Summer and Fall 2021)

    Draft Markham Road - Mount Joy Secondary Plan (Fall and Winter 2021)

    How can I get involved?

    The secondary planning process includes multiple opportunities for stakeholders and community members to provide input. Information about upcoming events will be posted on Your Voice Markham and social media. You can also sign-up by clicking on 'Stay Informed' button above to receive updates about the Study or upcoming events by email.