Why are we undertaking this project?

    Key Objectives (Project Charter)

    The key objectives which formed the project charter of the Zoning By-law Consolidation Project are to: 


    1. Implement the policies of Markham’s Official Plan, the Regional Municipality of York’s Official  Plan, the Planning Act and, amongst other Provincial plans and polices, the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS); 

    2. Respond to emerging planning and development trends;

    3. Establish development standards that produce predictable outcomes that are appropriate for each area of the City;

    4. Reflect the diversity of Markham and allow neighbourhoods to maintain a distinct sense of place;

    5. Protect the built form of existing, established residential neighbourhoods, particularly for communities in transition; and,

    6. Develop a web-based GIS zoning system and Zoning By-law webpage that is interactive, and user friendly.