Where is Markham Centre?

Markham Centre is generally bounded by Highway 407 to the South, Rodick Road to the West, Highway 7 to the North, and Kennedy Road to the East.The lands North of Highway 7, including Markham Civic Centre, Flato Markham Theatre, and the residential development within the North-West quadrant of the Highway 7 East and Town Centre Boulevard intersection, are also part of Markham Centre.

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What is the Markham Centre Secondary Plan? Why does it need updating?

The Markham Centre Secondary Plan will be an amendment to the City’s 2014 Official Plan. It is a document that will provide specific land use policies and direction for the development of lands within Markham Centre.

The Markham Centre Secondary Plan (OPA 21) was approved in 1997. Since then, a number of significant policy changes have occurred (Provincial, Regional and Municipal), infrastructure improvements have advanced and development projects have been approved, resulting in the need for an updated Secondary Plan.

The Markham Centre Secondary Plan update will ensure that Markham Centre continues to grow as a complete and connected mixed-use community.

Why are you asking for my ideas about Markham Centre?

The City of Markham recognizes the importance of engaging with the community early in the planning process. One of the City's four strategic goals, as outlined in the 2015-2019 Strategic Plan, is to have an "engaged, diverse and thriving City". The intention is to have an inclusive City where every person has a role in building a “livable, caring and interconnected community".

Your input will help strengthen our current vision and goals for Markham Centre to ensure it is a truly vibrant downtown. Ideas collected during this initial stage of engagement will inform the preparation of the Markham Centre Secondary Plan.

What will the outcome of this process be?

The outcome of this first phase of community engagement will be a strengthened vision for the future of Markham Centre. A Community Engagement summary report will be prepared by Lura Consulting, the engagement specialists hired to assist the City to facilitate this process. This report will be a reflection of what we’ve heard from the people that live, work and have fun in Markham Centre.

How can I participate in this engagement process?

  • Provide your input online:

    1. Tell us your ideas – This will help us understand your wish for Markham Centre

    2. Tell us your stories – This will help us understand what you love about Markham Centre today and what you wish could be improved

    3. Show us your places – This will show us where you love to go in Markham Centre and what you want to see there

  • Visit one of our "pop-up" events happening across the City and provide your feedback in-person

  • Encourage your family, friends and neighbours to participate and share their feedback

What are the next steps in the process?

This is the first phase of community and stakeholder engagement. The next phase(s) of community engagement will take place as part of the Markham Centre Secondary Plan process. The Markham Centre Secondary Plan process is set to begin in Q2 2019 and is anticipated to take one year to complete.

How can I stay informed of future updates?

Register at https://yourvoicemarkham.ca/yourmarkhamcentre and let us know that you want to be kept informed about what’s going on.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Please email YourMarkhamCentre@markham.ca if you have any further questions. 

I'd like to volunteer to help this project - How do I do that?

We love volunteers! Please go to markham.ca/volunteering to find out how.