What is a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment?

    The Municipal Class EA applies to municipal infrastructure projects including roads, water and wastewater projects.  

    Schedule A 

    Generally includes normal or emergency operational and maintenance activities.

    The environmental effects of these activities are usually minimal and, therefore, these projects are pre-approved.

    Schedule A+    

    In 2007, MEA introduced Schedule A+. These projects are pre-approved, however the public is to be advised prior to project implementation. The manner in which the public is advised is to be determined by the proponent. Schedule A+ is discussed in Section A.1.2.2.

    Schedule B    

    Generally includes improvements and minor expansions to existing facilities.

    There is the potential for some adverse environmental impacts and therefore the proponent is required to proceed through a screening process including consultation with those who may be affected.

    Schedule C   

    Generally includes the construction of new facilities and major expansions to existing facilities.

    These projects proceed through the environmental assessment planning process outlined in the Class EA.

    Where is Box Grove?

    The Box Grove neighbourhood is located in the southeast of Markham, located adjacent to the Rouge River Valley and a collection of golf courses on its west border, Bob Hunter Memorial Park on the east border, the City limits and Steeles Avenue on the south border and Highway 407 on the north border.

    Why is this study needed?

    Markham Transportation Strategic Plan (MTSP) identified the need for a potential extension of Denison Street to address existing network connectivity and congestion issues in Box Grove.

    In 2013, a consultant was retained to review the feasibility of extending Denison Street to connect to either Ninth Line or Steeles Avenue taking into consideration constraints within the study area, as well as recommendations in the York Region’s Transportation Improvements - Donald Cousens Parkway to Morningside Avenue Link Individual Environmental Assessment (EA) Study (December 2005 and Amended July 2011).

    The Feasibility Study was completed in 2014 and outlined three alignment alternative options.

    What are the alignment alternatives?

    Please see the figure below detailing 4 alignments.