What is a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment?

    The Municipal Class EA applies to municipal infrastructure projects including roads, water and wastewater projects.  

    Schedule A 

    Generally includes normal or emergency operational and maintenance activities.

    The environmental effects of these activities are usually minimal and, therefore, these projects are pre-approved.

    Schedule A+    

    In 2007, MEA introduced Schedule A+. These projects are pre-approved, however the public is to be advised prior to project implementation. The manner in which the public is advised is to be determined by the proponent. Schedule A+ is discussed in Section A.1.2.2.

    Schedule B    

    Generally includes improvements and minor expansions to existing facilities.

    There is the potential for some adverse environmental impacts and therefore the proponent is required to proceed through a screening process including consultation with those who may be affected.

    Schedule C   

    Generally includes the construction of new facilities and major expansions to existing facilities.

    These projects proceed through the environmental assessment planning process outlined in the Class EA.

    Why is this study needed?

    The Regional Municipality of York supplies water to nine (9) area municipalities, including the City of Markham and the City of Richmond Hill. 

    In turn, Markham delivers water to individual consumers. Markham’s existing Pressure District 7 (PD7) water system is supplied by the Region’s system via a single transmission main from Elgin Mills Road East and Highway 404.  

    The 2016 York Region Water and Wastewater Master Plan (currently under review) includes a future North Markham Water Servicing project (W20) and this project will provide a long-term secondary water supply for PD7.  However this project is scheduled for commissioning between years 2031-2035. 

    The proposed project includes a new PD7 pumping station at the North Markham Reservoir, and 10 km of watermain from the new PD7 pumping station and the existing PD7 water system at Elgin Mills Road and Woodbine Avenue.

    Markham is proposing a short-term solution to provide a secondary water supply for PD7 by looping a watermain with the Richmond Hill watermain across Highway 404 until a long-term solution is developed, funded, and constructed by the Region.  

    What is the study area?

    Please see below:

     Study Area