2020 Remembrance Day

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Virtual Book of Remembrance

Markham Remembers

Remembrance Day is a day for all Canadians to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed for our country.

This Remembrance Day Markham remembers the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War, and all those that have sacrificed for our freedom.

During this time of Remembrance, the City invites you to leave a message in the virtual Book of Remembrance to honour the sacrifice of all those who have fallen, served, and still serve.

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This message is for every man or woman who sacrificed for our beloved country Canada, we will never forget your sacrifices for the country and this is a difficult time for the world like we are all going through a pandemic but we appreciate your contributions.
Thanks For your services mates !

Alex8 over 1 year ago
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We Remember not only the veterans who have served Canada and UK, but also the courageous animals who stood by their sides. The war horses, the dogs and the pigeons that carried the vital messages.

DF21 over 1 year ago
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Before we moved to Canada, World War I and II was just part of my History book. Then, as we immersed in Canadian culture, it become very real. Listening to stories from veterans, and witnessing how deep the war touched so many and so deeply. I am thankful. I want to remember and paid tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for the beautiful Canada that today is my home, my kid's home and our future. Let's remember.

mexcanheart over 1 year ago
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Giving a tremendous amount of gratitude and thanks to the numerous members of my family who served and who currently serve in the Canadian Armed Forces: Uncle Mike/Michael Beaulieu (Rest in Peace Mike), Uncle Al/Alan Freethy, Seth Freethy, Alex Beaulieu and Kat Banks. Proud of each and every one of you.

MFreethy over 1 year ago
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We want to thank all our veterans who served and who continue to serve and protect Canada all over the world. We owe you all a debt of gratitude that we can never repay. Your sacrifices for all Canadians will never be forgotten. We stop to honour you this week but you are always in our minds and in our hearts. Thank you for making this the best country in the world. We remember!

michaelvachon83 over 1 year ago
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We would like to remember our Dad, Thomas P Keeble who fought in World War II with the Irish Regiment. During his service he was injured and hospitalized many times, especially during the campaign in Italy. He lived with the shrapnel and pain for the rest of his life. He was a former President of the Markham District Veterans Association. Rest In Peace ❤️

S&R over 1 year ago
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In memory of our Grandpa, William Henry Tapper who fought in WWI and WWII. With love and appreciation to all who served, to help us have our lives and freedom today!

MarianneR over 1 year ago
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PaulD51 over 1 year ago
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Remembering my uncle Russel Stover and my grandfather Herb Stover. We are thankful for everything they and our current solders have done to keep us safe.
Paul Daniels

PaulD51 over 1 year ago
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I am remembering my father William Riggs a decorated World War 2 Naval Officer.

Brigette27 over 1 year ago
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