How do I learn more about the City of Markham's winter road services?

    Please visit the City of Markham website. (Link)

    Who decides when to send out the plows?

    Markham’s Operations-Roads team makes this decision, based on Council approved service levels. Markham’s winter service levels either meet or in many cases exceed the Province of Ontario’s legislated service levels for clearing snow from roads and sidewalks.

    How much snow has to fall before the City plows all streets?

    It has to snow at least 7.5 cm or 3 inches before a full plow service is activated.

    Is there a way to find out if my street has been plowed?

    Please visit the City of Markham Winter Maintenance App. (Link)

    What is a snow windrow?

    A snow windrow is the pile of snow at the end of your driveway that remains after the snowplow clears the road.

    Does the City have a windrow removal service?

    The City of Markham will clear the right side portion of snow windrows when facing the road (one car width only) on all roads following a 7.5 centimetres (3 inches) snow fall. This clearing is for the base of driveways of qualified residents who are over 60 years of age or have a disability. The path cleared will equal the width of a standard vehicle. The windrow removal service will be completed within eight (8) hours of the street snowplow passing the resident’s driveway. For more information on the service and whether you qualify, visit the Snow Windrow Removal Assistance Program website (Link) or download the Snow Windrow Removal Application [PDF].

    Does the City allow on street parking if there is a chance of snowfall that might require plowing services?

    No. On street parking during and after a snowfall/snow storm makes it very difficult and sometimes dangerous for our crews to manoeuvre around parked vehicles. It also slows down the plowing as crews are required to return to streets with cars to replow after the cars have been moved. This delays other street plowing. For the fairness of everyone, parking is not allowed.

    Why does the City plow some sidewalks and pathways but not others?

    The City also plows sidewalks and some pathways, but can only do the ones that the City owns. It's important to us to make all forms of travel safe for everyone, including for those that walk or use assistive devices. However, not all pathways are under City ownership. For instance, pathways that lead to schools may not be owned by the City or may not be able to be maintained if they are not paved.

    How are other municipalities in York Region dealing with windrow clearing?

    Please read this related article at (YorkRegion.com)