Recurring problems with winter maintenance on Mill Race Court.

by Peter,

The performance of the City of Markham's sub contractor responsible for plowing Mill Race Court was awful. I reported this earlier this year  but never had my complaint acknowledged by the city. Check this out, you have a record of it. Poor winter maintenance has been a problem in the past on our street. Several years ago I complained about snow removal which led to a follow up  conversation with the local (Crupi?) supervisor and the problem was dealt with.  The problem returned this past winter and my suspicion is that the driver/operator who had our route over the past few years had retired. His replacement lacked the skill/experience to deal with a street like ours. Clearly their-your crews are not properly trained to deal with streets like Mill Race Court which is, as the name suggests, a dead end court.  I live at the very south end of the Court so I get the worst of it when we receive a bad plowing job. Starting with the problem I dealt with several years ago, after every snow fall the  (then) driver would take the snow from the north end of our street and push it into a pile it at the foot of my driveway. The Dump Truck/Plows rigs are  too big for the job and in the hands of an inexperienced operator.  These big vehicles are not nimble enough to easily do the three point turn required to re-position the snow to one of the large empty spaces that flank my driveway. The Crupi Supervisor back then worked with the driver and service improved.  This year instead of plowing the snow onto the wide boulevards between me and my neighbors, the driver (in 2 north to south forward-reverse runs)  stopped plowing in the middle of the circular section of the court leaving a ridge of snow that blocked 3 driveways. So, this past year, not only did I need to clear the end of my driveway, it was necessary to use my snowblower to clear a path through the ridge of snow left by the snowplow on the north part of the circular section of the Court in order to reach the cleared part of the street.  At 63 this is more effort than I need to expend for something the city is well paid for. There is nothing wrong with my my health but am well aware, as are you, that every winter heart attacks are suffered by people both older and younger than me after the heavy physical exertion required to clear 2 - 3 or 4 foot snow drifts.  Also, there is also now way that emergency vehicles could easily access the houses at the end of the court in the state it was left after the poor job done by your subcontractor after heavy snow. So why don't you make sure that the right equipment is provided for streets like ours? Why not assure that the subcontractor has the right equipment/people/training to do the job? Lastly why wasn't my complaint acknowledged by the City?  I am just as angry about this as amateurish job done on our street.  

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Consultation has concluded

Admin Commented alam almost 2 years ago
Thank you Peter for bringing your concerns to our attention. I understand one of our staff reached out to you and we will make some adjustment and advise our contractors moving forward. Thanks for sharing your story for us to improve our service delivery.
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