Rouge street Plowing doesn't exist

by Stephen Reid,

It seems that the residents who live at the bottom of Rouge Street and Dryden court are not a priority to Markham plows.  I think I saw a plow twice last winter.   Rouge street is a narrow street to start with because of it's age and once the snow comes it becomes a single lane with huge ruts of ice.   I saw one grader last winter and a small 1 ton with a plow.  The side walk plow makes it even worse when they push the balance of the snow back onto the street making things worse. It would be better to keep the sidewalk plow off the street and to use the road plow to push all of the snow as far back as possible or a loader to push it all to the end.   I end up plowing the street when it gets really bad especially in front of my driveway.   


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