3rd party snowplow contractual agreements need work to better support residents

by BryanM,

Last year, my car was damaged by a contracted snowplow operator, VBN Paving. After submitting my claim to the City, they determined it was the 3rd party at fault and after that, was able to offer no assistance in getting the claim resolved, even after providing me with proof from their GIS that it was VBN Paving's equipment on my street. The contractor routinely ignored emails and request for updates and even denied the claim, even after the City declared they were the party to pursue the claim with. The current process needs to be changed to better support residents whose property is damaged by contractors hired by the City. There is no oversight or protection in place at this time to assist residents and there is no level of service requirement for contractors with respect to timelines on responding to residents as part of the claims process. It was a frustrating experience as a resident. If you want to look at levels of service, look at levels of CUSTOMER SERVICE as well.

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