Trapped Every Morning

by Matthew,

I have a sidewalk through my driveway, so in the winter, the end of my driveway is a disaster thanks in part to the sidewalk plow.  I live on a main road, so I would expect the big road plows the come regularly, and I understand the build-up at the end of my driveway is going to happen.

For the sidewalks, I clean my whole driveway, and the sidewalks of my house and neighbours on both sides, but the sidewalk plow always manages to dump a ton of snow (and dirt ripped up from my lawn) on my driveway.  And they keep coming, well into the spring.  The sidewalk plow never stays on the sidewalk and just brings a mess from miles away.  I've been tempted so many times to just park in his way so I don't have to spend 30 minutes every morning with a pickaxe dislodging the ice.  If I didn't think I'd get a ticket, I would.

I really think they come too often.  More resources should be dedicated to the side streets.

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